Monday, November 26, 2012

Blog exceed quota

Dear Friends,

Due to the existing blog had exceed quota. Hence, I have created another blog link below.


Monday, October 15, 2012

14th Oct 2012 - Sunday

 Poh Poh and Gong Gong bring us to have dimsum breakfast at 小红馆. The food was ok but compared to 超全 still far away. Colin was enjoying his dimsum while playing with his fire brigade truck. After that we went to Sunshine Square, 1st Avenue, Prangin Mall & Pacific.

Enjoying his wafer sausage bought at 1st Avenue from mummy's cousin in law's new stall.

11th Oct 2012 - Thursday

I've tried to make kimchi again tonight. It takes more 3.5hrs to prepared and need to marinated for 1 week.

7th Oct 2012 - Sunday

We bought breakfast and took at Mama house. And Colin is playing with the toy given from Mama.
Besides, we bring him to see the chickens, hens and goose behind of mama house.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

6th Oct 2012 - Saturday

Daddy fetch us to have our breakfast at 超全点心茶楼.
That is really nice dim sum breakfast and Colin likes to eat the porridge and 韭菜糕 very much. That is typical 潮洲仔.

We having our late lunch after the breakfast. But when we on the way to the Bloggers cafe. Colin slept again and din't get enjoy the food there.

While on the way back home, we heading to hair saloon as Colin hair getting long. This time Colin doesn't cried at all and keep looking at the mirror while the aunty cutting his hair. But mummy doesn't like this time hairstyle as they cut too short for him.

After back home take bath, all of us heading to Gu Gong new house warming party. We stayed till midnight 1.30am then only back to home sleep.

29th Sep 2012 - Saturday

This is Colin's first make lantern at School.
On this night, Gong Gong lighten up his angry bird lantern for him. Unfortunately he just carry a while and pass back to mummy as he was afraid of the fire candle :-(

Mummy, 我不要了。

27th Sep 2012 - Thursday

 Heading to TAO restaurant after work to celebrate my birthday.